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Big Data

Catching the monster Big Data

Till now, organizations were working with traditional data which was usually centralized, structured data in range of Terabytes (1 Terabyte = 1000 Gigabyte) to Petabytes (1 Petabyte = 1000 Terabyte). But with the advent of distributed, semi-structured/unstructured Exabytes (1 Exabyte = 1000 Petabyte) of data, organizations are now finding it a challenge to analyze and process the data which does not even fit current structure of their database architecture.

At PS3G, we have a passionate team of big data engineers, machine learning specialists and data administrators who can build, run and deploy large scale data solutions for your organization. We partner with key industry players in big data technologies to integrate products and solutions which helps us to provide our customers with strategic competitive advantage, reduce total cost of ownership and maximize ROI. We partner with you to create data strategy, define data architecture and engineer data products that deliver predictive and persistive business value. We can utilize Big Data in plethora of applications such as Risk Analysis, Asset Management, Operational Intelligence, Network Optimization and in any of the vertical – Media, Advertising, Finance, Telco, Healthcare, Retail and Utilities. We have even implemented big data in our own health technology platform DocVilla.