PS3GFebruary 01, 2018

Information Security

‘Knowledge is Power’ is a very famous proverb said by Francis Bacon. One can get Knowledge from information contained in books, meetings, policy recommendations, case files, correspondence, research or experience. Information is omnipresent and interconnected. Information can be in many formats, from database to emails, paper and video. It is critical to understand the nature of risk to your business and manage it with the right kind of information. IT System provides the most important tool on which information is exchanged and managed. And managing IT Security is a critical component of any strategy to avoid the information risks.


We at PS3G anticipate most of the major risks faced in information management by the Public & Private Sectors Organizations. Information risks are directly linked to business risks and the risks that a data set pose in one organisation will be different from those in another. We therefore, carefully design and implement our Comprehensive Information risk framework by analyzing its root cause and then capturing the data flow and design solution according to the organisational needs. We also impart training to the stakeholders to familiarize them with the solution and get feedback to further strengthen the Information risk framework.

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