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Internet of Things

Create connected enterprise with IoT solutions.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is network of connected objects – devices, buildings, vehicles and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity – that enables these objects to exchange data and information. PS3G was one of the first companies to recognize this Internet of Things revolution and created a video on it. Since then we have delivered Internet of Things solutions for businesses to help kickstart or accelerate their Internet of Things journey.

We can share a recent case study on Internet of Things where we helped a client with an IOT project. The idea was to create sensors for footwear for the senior citizens which can detect if they are going to fall or have fallen and send a distress signal to the central office. The central office can then dispatch emergency services. Here the sensor in the footwear communicates with the gateway (which further interacts with the cloud server) to continuously learn and monitor the walking patterns of the person wearing it. The cloud server has intelligence built into it which grows over time.

IoT key offerings

Define your Internet of Things (IoT) roadmap and provide platform architecture guidance.
Create an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy to align with your vision.
Bring our Industry experience on the table.
Establish an IoT Innovation Lab to ensure your solution is unique.
Implement, harness and leverage existing IoT solutions in healthcare, automotive and smart devices.