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Digital Transformation post COVID

Digital Transformation Post COVID

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Digital Transformation Post COVID

The world will change post-COVID. Here are some of the takeaways of how COVID has revolutionized various industries.

 Telemedicine platforms such as DocVilla have become more popular and are gaining traction. Insurance companies and lawmakers have started promoting telemedicine as a way of the future. Doctors and Providers are educating themselves regarding the use of Telemedicine.
Schools are open for distant learning. Colleges are investing in technologies that enable virtual learning in an effective manner. Learning apps such as EasyLearning4Kids can also help kids learn using technology.

With consumers increasingly buying online and picking curbside, the retail needs to keep their inventory updated in realtime, create customer-friendly mobile apps, and incorporate techniques to capture consumer behavior and analytics.
Remote working
Work from home culture has gained a lot of traction and has proven that the employees can be equally and sometimes more effective if they are trusted and provided flexibility. Companies need to ensure that their infrastructure is cloud-based and can support remote access while ensuring data security.
Physical distance does not mean that people need to be distant. Put on the glasses and the children will find themselves in a classroom full of students. AR/VR can help with socialization while remaining separated.

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PS3G stands for “Professional Services, Software & Solutions Group” and is a leading technology company with offices in North America and India. It has two divisions – IT Solutions and Services Division and Consumer Product Division. PS3G IT Services Division is catering to fortune 500 customers in providing niche technology solutions in Enterprise Web, mobile app development, Big Data, Data Management and Cloud-based solutions across the industry. The Product Division has successfully launched several end consumer products such as EasyLearning4Kids (low-cost learning applications for kids available on iOS and Android), Business Contacts Lists, Smart Dialer and DocVilla. All these products are also available for free download on the iOS and Android marketplace.